Corona virus is taking lots of lives day by day. This is not a matter of only one life but of many. So it’s very necessary to take some precautions like hand washing, sanitizing and taking care of hygiene we can increase the chances of safety. Proper nutrition and hydration is also very important. People have a strong immunity system who eat a well balanced diet and hydrate their we should also eat fresh and unprocessed food to take the essential minerals and vitamins and other goods that our body needs to fight.

There are some special foods which very help full in Corona Virus. These food help us to boost or immune system and be more healthy.


Raw onion is a rich source of prebiotics that help us to fight against viruses as COVID-19 and create a safe zone.

Garlic:-It has anti-viral properties. People can improve the immune system by eating it. People can eat it by adding some raw honey.


Ginger also helps full in building a strong immunity system. It has very important antibacterial also thin the blood because it has a phenolic anti-inflammatory compound called gingerol which relaxes blood vessels.

Coconut oil:-

Coconut oil can also increase the immune system because of its rich properties which work against viruses. Coconut has Lauric acid and caprylic acid in it.


Grapes, blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, chocolate, peanuts, and pistachios are great for the prevention of stress, injury and fungal infection. Resveratrol is the reason for that. Which helps these foods to help for fungal infections and others.

Vitamin C rich foods:-

Red pepper, yellow pepper, amla  and oranges are a great sources for vitamin c and help immunity. Senna tea:- This is a herb that has sennoside and anthraquinone. They help in swelling of the throat during influenza and improve immunity.


COVID-19 and Pregnancy

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